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  • By Jayme Kemmish


My best creative ideas for my businesses (operations, promotions, etc.) have come from looking outside my own industry.

I never intend to reinvent the wheel because the wheel does its job very well just like it is, thank you. I don’t, however, want to be like everyone else and do what all my competitors are doing just because it's an acceptable industry practice. I WANT TO BE PROVOCATIVE AND SURPRISE my clients and customers. That’s the goal. To create a good memory that lingers long after the transaction is complete.

Now….STOP. And question everything. EVERYTHING, I say.
Roadblocks are simply opportunities to see the landscape from an alternate route.
Why are we doing things this way? Do we have to? Why?

This is what I ask myself:
What causes ME to buy?
What draws my attention in other aspects of my life and why?
What labels, businesses and brands inspire me to feel something more than the others?
Now how can I apply it to my own business and industry in a way that tells a story that people remember?

I want mini-luxe experiences in every transaction I do with a business. I want to FEEL something. Pampered, inspired, first-class, pride, beautiful, wanted, envied….we all do. I want a warm, scented towel when I wait for a service at my beauty salon…and a glass of champagne. I want people to remember my name and my preferences. I want an upgrade for free. I want to be treated like I am the most important person in the room. I want to open a package I ordered and feel the joy of discovering they took care to present it as lovely gift. Give me an actual EXPERIENCE and I will be a loyal customer for life. And tell everyone I know.

Then, as an idea collector for my own companies, I quickly apply these experiences into my own businesses because they were GOOD! They worked!

Many times over now, my newly implemented ideas have been quickly duplicated, stole, copied, claimed by my direct competitors for their own. Imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery, so consider it an ego boost…then find new ideas to steal and get stolen.

Create what you desire.
Chances are, other people desire it too.
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