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Failure is NOT an option

  • By Jayme Kemmish

Failure is NOT an option

I almost lost my company to the bankruptcy gods.  Or devils, I’m still not sure which end of the divine spectrum was responsible.

I was going through a divorce (with my husband who was also my business partner) and the company was becoming divided, choosing sides, creating drama.  Even the most stable company can fall under that kind of pressure.

I took my eye off the ball.

I let my emotions dictate my actions.

I hired a Controller to replace me and he almost ran the company into the ground within a year. 

Once I pulled my head out of my ass and opened my eyes…it took me 3 years to right the ship again.  The man I hired was fully qualified and educated to do the job, but he lacked the primary skill….”the-sight”.  What’s that, you ask?

The Sight is the ability to see the vision and drink the company kool-aide to the point where nothing is impossible.  All things can be accomplished with the right passion, desire and dedication to the outcome.  He was black and white…. I am Technicolor.   I see the opportunities that exist between the lines, in the areas of gray, in the lines and pixels that create the bigger picture. 

When I realized this was the issue, I stepped back up to the plate and not only righted the ship but I grew the business (with the help of many dedicated employees and yes, my business-partner-x-husband to boot) because I choose to change my attitude and my emotions about the situation and put my energy into CREATION rather than DISTRUCTION (or ambivalence).  I knew what I was capable of and I pulled on my big girl panties and went to work.

Now the company is worth millions….and is nowhere near bankruptcy. 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

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